Frugal Friday

Michelle had a great idea - scrap the silly challenge.

So I am. Ahhhhh :) So liberating!

In lieu of that, thought I'd post about the great bargain I just got. You all know about the mattress issues. The new one (and the correct one we ordered) seems to be holding up OK now, but it is, as its name implies, FIRM. My shoulders often wake up feeling scrunched and achy. Plus, our bed frame is one of those metal ones that rocks and rolls every time A gets up or rolls around. So, with that being said, we decided we'd buy a memory foam topper to cure those issues and hopefully sleep like puppies.

I say puppies because, although not a mother, I realize that babies don't actually sleep all that well. Hence, all the rejoicing when they begin to sleep through the night. On the other hand, puppies, like our beloved Benny, knock out quickly and sleep hard. When he was young, I could pick him up and move him around and shake him without him waking up. Now, he groans with satisfaction whenever he lays down on his blanket at bedtime. I want THAT kind of sleep!

So anyways, I have been looking at Kohls for a memory foam topper and today was our lucky day. I got an e-coupon for 20% off AND it is $.99 shipping right now! Excellent. But WAIT! Kohl's allows you to stack coupons, so I also stacked another 15% off coupon and voila! A BARGAIN! The California King memory foam mattress topper that is normally $389 cost us - with sale price, 20% off, 15% off, and $.99 shipping - only $135! Is that a steal or what?! I think so. I got so excited I ran down to where my husband works to share the good news and while there, got my second lunch of the day! Bargain hunting makes me hungry :)

If you want to snag some great deals from Kohls, sign up for their e-mail alerts. Even better - if you sign up in-store right now, I think they'll give you $10 off a purchase. It used to be $5, but I guess e-mail addresses are increasing in value! So, there you go: instead of Thrifty Thursday, I'll call this Frugal Friday instead.

Speaking of Friday - tomorrow is Saturday and my long-awaited trip to the beach! I've only ever been to the NC coast once in the 3 years I've lived here, but tomorrow, Kristel and I will venture that direction for some sand, sun and SEAFOOD. Oh boy :)



Michelle said...

GREAT deal!

Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

yay for the beach!! That's a good point of the "sleeping like a baby phrase" dri

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