I just looked at the blog and thought, "Has it really been almost two weeks since I've posted?" That's crazy. Just goes to show how quickly time flies when you're having fun!....or just how quickly it flies, in general.

Since the last post, we've gotten our new mattress pad (still trying to decide if we like it...will we ever be happy with our bed?), I've had a a lot of emotional breakdowns, we've drafted several Fantasy Football teams in anticipation of the NFL kick-off TONIGHT, we spent Labor Day weekend sleeping in and spending time outside at the lake - walking/biking/yelling at Ben/reading, etc.

Poor little guy - he must have hurt his feet pretty bad on Saturday, either while sprinting around on the big rocks at the lake and jumping in and out of the water, or when A took him for a "ride" - Benny running, and A riding his bike. Poor little guy was limping the rest of Saturday and Sunday. He looked like an old man! We took him to the river Monday, then, to let him swim (he swims against the current happily, like it's his own personal exercise pool) and try and soothe his poor body. He limped around a little again after that day, but seems to have fully recuperated now. Good thing - he's going for a walk with me after work!

I'm getting serious about trying to get in better shape. Not only do I want to be a good steward of this one body God has given me, but I'm tired of how I look and feel the majority of the time. So, in that vein, I'm going to try to stop eating popcorn and candy after dinner, cut down on my coffee (ahem - cream) intake and start a routine of walking and doing some yoga videos. I don't actually have any yoga videos at the moment, so any recommendations would be great!

So....yeah. That's about it. To close out - here's a little video of Ben playing with the box our memory foam came in. The dog loves to run and make a toy out of ANYTHING!



Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

aww Ben seems like such a good dog...makes me miss Mike. I know how you feel about getting disciplined. Since I"m not nursing anymore, I can't get away with eating any treat..it's all sticking to me!

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