Breaking and Fixing

After Tuesday's triumphant day of proving my smarts, yesterday was a bit discouraging. I know there's some kind of negative correlation between the two, but while Tuesday's theme was "Winning," yesterday's theme was "Breaking." Fortunately today's theme is along the lines of "Fixing."

Yesterday morning, on the way to a doctor's appointment, I discovered (shockingly! NOT) that my $5 Wal-Mart sunglasses were broken. They were a cheap-0 replacement after I lost mine on that awful day at Disney. Sunglasses with only one earpiece make me feel like I'm wearing a monocle, and while cool 100 years ago, just look dumb as I'm walking around campus. Plus, they don't exactly stay on well, thus rendering them kind of dumb AND useless.

Then, after the doctor's appointment, we went back to the apartment so A could get his truck before we headed to our work. Unfortunately, and ironically, it did not start. The engine may have turned over a time or two, but pretty much, we got nothing except some "uh oh" kind of noises. I say it was ironic, because the exact same day last year (October 27, as we were driving from my hometown back here after our honeymoon) the truck did the exact same thing. It resulted in A having to *ahem* run a few red lights, because without gasing the truck, it would die and we wouldn't have made it home. So, currently the truck sits, broken, in front of our apartment. He hates my Lily-car (my name for my white XTerra) because he doesn't fit comfortably in it, but all I'm saying is, "Thank goodness for reliable transportation."

Then, as I'm wearing the monocle, walking up to my office after seeing A at lunch, I dropped my phone. Blame it on trying to keep the monocle on my face, or blame it on the king-sized Reese's I had in my hand, but the little pink Razr just slipped out and hit the ground. No big deal right away, but when I realized I couldn't see anything on my screen, including phone numbers, texts or who was calling, it became a problem. What caused even MORE of a problem was my coworkers texting me non-stop because they thought it was funny how mad I was getting at the fact that my phone was blowing up.

Fast forward to today: My friend Allison gave me an old phone of hers. Thankfully, the nice man at Verizon didn't charge me a cent to transfer my contacts over to it. After that went so well, I decided to scrounge in my purse for the missing pieces of my sunglasses and put them back together with my ingenuity and my fingernails. Success.

The only thing left to fix is A's truck in the immediate future is A's truck. Any suggestions? Any words of wisdom? He wants to be a one-car family, as long as it's HIS car and not Lily....Too bad :)



Your Friend said...

My advice to you. . .

Megan said...

sorry that you have all that going on! : ( i happen to really like the Xterra

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