Fall fashion and skinny jeans

It's Monday morning. I know I should be writing some articles, but at the moment, my brain is sicky-foggy and I'm having trouble thinking too much about work. That said, my brain is focused on one thing - clothing.

We went running a couple times last week, and I'm hopeful I'll keep it up and start to lose some weight. Marriage has caused me to put on a few pounds! It's just more fun to snack and eat out with your best friend :) Anyways, so with dreams of a new, leaner me, I'm also dreaming about some fun new fall fashions and trying to pull them off! Thanks to my sweet man who freed up some money for me to have a "shopping spree" and my Tanger gift card I won last week, I'm ready to shop and find some great-priced and great-looking items!

But, foremost on my mind right now are skinny jeans. I have a couple pairs, but as A doesn't really care for them, I tend to not wear them. To tell the truth, I only like the one pair when I have boots over the top, so I don't reach for them much. But, I love the look of ballet flats, skinny jeans, a longer sweater and a scarf - just need to figure out how to do that for myself.

So here's my assignment for you: Give me recommendations on A) The best places to look for some easy fall fashions and B) Your favorite brand of skinny jeans and what I should try.

The most-reached-for pair makes me look a bit like an ice cream cone whenever I wear them with anything but boots. They're just too tight, all the way through to my ankle, but I love the wash and ripped look of them. The other pair is too dark and stretchy, and maybe a bit too short, although they seem to fit better overall.

So, help. If you've got a great brand or a great look-book place, let me know! Thanks!



Michelle said...

I can't help. I refuse to succumb to the skinny jeans fad. :-)

Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

Hannah has a pair of skinny jeans, but I don't. Not sure how they would look on my shorter legs but Hannah pulls them off nicely, even with all the rolls :) Good luck. Let me know if you find any good deals!

Anonymous said...

Girrrrl, I am the skinny jeans queen! ;-)
I really like Delia's jeans because they come in several different styles/washes/colors. You may like the Morgans because they're not super skinny.

I recently discovered jeggings from the Gap...I looove them! They're soo comfortable because they're more on the stretchy side.

Also, to avoid the dreaded "muffin top" just look for skinny jeans that are more high-waisted.

Good luck!

jessie said...

I got mine from express and I love them

Derek and Amanda said...

I have not worn skinny jeans at all but I think they are cute. I also get the clothes itch in the Fall. I am not really sure why i get it in the fall but somehow I do. I think fall clothes are cuter than summer most of the time. :) Good luck on the skinny jean search.

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