Free Friday

I was all bummed the other night because we are so broke. SO BROKE. But, the Lord is good, even when I don't remember it.

Here are some examples:
1) Our truck got fixed. It cost a lot. BUT - the Lord had provided us with a savings account to cover things like that, so we're not in any more debt than we were.
2) Tomorrow, A will be doing a little bit of work for CBS (I think?) at a local football game, a job that - although it will not pay immediately - will pay well. It's great when he gets these opportunities, and I'm so thankful he got one this fall!
3) That radio thing I won last week? I have been a little worried, because the tickets still hadn't come in. Well, I got a call just a little bit ago that the tickets will be waiting for us at the customer service desk, along with my shopping gift card, and...even better, we get in to a VIP tent with free food! So, even though we are spending gas money to go to the concert, the Lord is providing some food so I don't have to eat out. EVEN cooler - We get to meet Sara Evans at this VIP tent. I'm pumped :) I've never met anyone famous, I don't think!
4) I have been seriously jonesing for some new jeans - you all know this. Specifically, GAP jeans, whether or not they're skinny jeans. I just love GAP jeans. Well, yesterday I found out about a special promotion GAP was doing: Show up early today at a GAP store with a smartphone that allows you to use Facebook Places, show them you've "checked in" and voila! You get a free pair of jeans, if you're one of the first. Despite AWFUL, heart-pounding traffic on the way down, and a very nervous me, I was able to get a free pair of jeans! MUCH thanks to my friend Courtney who let me borrow his iPhone for this occasion. I got to hang out with his great wife and cute baby for a bit too as she used the same deal to get a pair too!

While I'm excited about all of these things, these little blessings point me back to the gospel. I'm reminded that GOD IS GOOD. ALL the time. I may forget it. I may not see his hand of goodness in things and circumstances might suck, but despite my outlook, the fact remains that God provides and cares for us in a thousand little ways.

I don't just say this because we have savings, or because I won concert tickets or free jeans or because A has a good opportunity this weekend. I say God is good because of the gospel. Our perfect, holy Creator, who we have sinned against since birth, still sent a sacrifice (his Son) to die. He died and was punished so we didn't have to be. Because of Christ and his work on the cross, I have salvation and access to GOD. Amazing.



Derek and Amanda said...

I saw this too! There was no way I was making it to a GAP though. :) I push through the crowds at the day after Christmas sales. I got a TON of good deals that day. That is about the only day I am willing the push through the crowds for clothes. :) haha!

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