How sweet it is to be loved by you.

I love my husband. Seriously. I love him A LOT.

I think he kind of likes me too, as evidenced by all the sweet things he does for me! ;) A couple of recent examples:

1) Sunday morning - Breakfast in bed. I was SO impressed by his perfect little pancakes, but then I saw sausage and biscuits and gravy and knew the cooking skills were those of a pro! Haha. He went out and picked up breakfast for me while I was still in bed Sunday morning. By the time I heard him rattling around in the kitchen, I was awake and had started making the bed. He came in and saw me up and ordered me back under the covers so he could serve me :) He cares for me so well!

Yummy :)

Please excuse the awful picture of me and my crazy pouf. It does not fare so well the morning after.

2) He takes Ben out to use the bathroom, pretty much every morning and night. They have definitely become best buds, a development that makes my heart sing! While he was taking Benny out this morning, he left a couple little notes on my windows for me to find when I left a few minutes later.

I am constantly amazed by him. In little, simple ways, he expresses his love for me and through that, I see a picture of how Christ loves me. Since a husband is to love his wife as Christ loves the church, our earthly marriage is but a shadow of our heavenly marriage. This is why divorce and adultery are such an affront to the Lord - they basically say that there is something God's people (the bride) can do to warrant Christ (the husband) ending the relationship. That is not true. That is not the gospel. For as much as I know A loves me, I know my Savior loves me EVEN MORE and promises to never leave me. And as much as I enjoy being loved by my earthly husband, my eternal Husband is absolutely incredible in how He loves and cares for me.

Until that glorious day when I see Jesus face to face, I am going to enjoy the little (and big!) expressions of God's love in my life through my husband!



Ginny Alley McCullough said...

So Sweet Lauren! Thanks for sharing your little moments :)

Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

I meant to leave a comment when I first read this...A is a special guys. I like how he left the cooking up to the pros, but the presentation is what matters :)

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