Becoming "Zanderburg"

True story. Here goes.

Sunday was the concert/shopping trip as a prize for being smarter than a 5th grader. My friend Stephanie went with me, and we had a grand time! We showed up at the new Tanger outlet store in Mebane, excited to get into the VIP tent and (me) excited to pick up my $25 gift card. After battling the thousands of rednecks who came from forever away at the mention of an outlet mall, we parked. I mean, we drove up over the curb and made a spot on the recently-laid grass.

Maybe the redneck tendencies affected me more than I realized.

Although it looks like it here, I was not the only one doing this. The place was packed so I just followed suit.

Anyways, we made our way to the customer service line to pick up my gift card only to find out they didn't have a $25 gift card reserved for Lauren Vanderburg.

They had the $100 Grand Prize gift card reserved for Lauren Zanderburg! Hey! I'll take it :)

When they told me my last name got messed up on the list of winners, I was a little worried. When they told me I was the grand prize winner (oh, nobody let you know?) I did a really excited squeal and a happy dance. Inside customer service. I may or may not have had the whole office cheering along with me in my excitement. I'd like to think my joy at the big gift card lifted their poor, overworked spirits just a little. After signing that I'd received the gift card, we took a few minutes to head to the Gap and spend a little before the concert.

Apparently, Zanderburgs are winners too ;)

VIP passes!
Seriously, so excited about my big gift card!

We got into the VIP tent with our handy little passes and marched right up to the front of the tent with our plates of snacks to wait on Sara Evans to appear. We didn't know what the situation would be, only that we wanted to be close. So, rather than waiting in the line that was snaking around the tent, we just plopped ourselves at the table closest to the front and waited.

When she showed up, everyone made their way through the line for pictures as I happily munched on plate #2 of snacks :) When the line was gone, we jumped up next to her for pictures and a friendly little chat. Actually, Stephanie did more of the chatting. I was so excited to meet someone famous I think I stuttered something like "I'm SO EXCITED. Really. Really excited." I'm smooth.

We don't have any pictures of us meeting her, because they promised they'd post the professional ones for free on her website. Last time I checked, free does not mean $5. Anywho.

This is how close our table was :) We just snuck right on up there!

The concert started shortly thereafter and we got to enter the special front row section where we stood about 3 feet from the stage. To say my ears were ringing afterwards would be a bit of an understatement. I knew pretty much every song she sang, which was fun, except for one which I'd love to figure out. Help? It's a slow song with the words, "I love you too much..." Any ideas?

All that to say, it was a delightful day, a great concert and a great time hanging out with Steph.

It pays to be a Zanderburg. And to be smarter than a 5th grader.



Michelle said...

I'd be excited over a $100 gift card too! That's not chump change! Maybe I'll be smarter than a fifth grader one day...:-)

allison said...

Alright, so having never heard of Sara it her song titled "unopened" that you are searching for or am I just totally dense and missing some joke you've stated about the 1 song you didn't know at the concert? I mean, the little blip of I that I hear on itunes is slow and the lyric swagbucks search yielded a song titled "unopened". Do I win something if I've helped you figure out the song you didn't know?

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