Raleigh-Durham "Bucket List"

With moving to Denver looming daily in my mind, I have to ask the Lord constantly to teach me to live here, right now. As one who often struggles with discontentment, I find myself longing for what's to come, rather than being content where God has me right now. So, in addition to trying to be more missional in Raleigh before we leave, I also want to experience some things before we pack up and head west.

Although it seems like a long time away still, it's really not, when I think about that fact that February is 1/3 over, I'll be traveling for a big portion of March (hello Florida....twice) and June (Brasil - excellent), that really only leaves April and May to cram stuff into. So, with that thought in mind, I started compiling a "Raleigh-Durham Bucket List," if you will. As far as I know, I'm not about to kick the bucket, so maybe this list would would be more aptly named the "Catch Ya Later, Carolina List."

Here's what's on it so far - don't judge me for the number of food-related goals ;)

Visit Duke - Campus, chapel, gardensEat at a fro-yo place (Yo-Po, done, but I want to try something in WF/Raleigh)
Go to the Biltmore houseEat at the Angus Barn or that 5-star Magnolia Something restaurant
Go to the Outer Banks (Where the wild horses and sand dunes are)
Go to a Hurricanes game (Anyone know how to get cheap tickets?)
Sample some good Durham food carts
Visit the Durham farmer’s market
Eat at Char-Grill for a burger/Try Snoopy's for a hotdog

I sampled my first Cookout milkshake this week. Oh my goodness - cheesecake chocolate chip deliciousness! So, even though it wasn't on the list, it should have been probably and now I can cross it off.

So, any suggestions? What things have you done in the area that are must-dos, must-sees, or must-eats? If you were creating a "Catch Ya Later, Carolina List" for yourself, what would you have on it? For friends that have already moved away, what do you wish you had done while you were here?

Help me figure out some great adventures for the next few months :)



Ryan Thomas said...

The school usually gets $12 Hurricanes tickets to Student Night towards the end of the season.

I would also add: Eat at Cookout and Bojangles one last time.

Michelle said...

I'm no help, as we're quite homebodies and lame-o when it comes to doing stuff. We did go to a Hurricane's game though! I wish I'd eaten at Lily's Pizza (heard it's great) and been able to go to a Duke or UNC basketball game.

jeff said...

look for a college night.. i assume you still have college id.. i think they are $5

Megan said...

Their is a fro you place in Wakefield called Sweet Spoons! So yummy! Look for our sign on the wall asking them to come to Denver (everyone gets to put notes on the wall....the Barleys were not just being deliquent)
Someone else mentioned Lily's Pizza-AMAZING!!! And it is in Raleigh's Five Points...it will hold you over to you are here in Denver's Five Points.
your list is really good.

kathy said...

Agree that Cookout should totally have been on your list. Though I thought it said 'coconut' at first, which is not required.

Ashley said...

i'm pretty sure you can get hurricanes tickets the day of the game if they have any leftover for $10. you have to go to the RBC center to get them though the morning of. if you haven't been to charleston I would recommend it, only about 4 hours away! hope you get to do everything!

Anonymous said...

Megan already mentioned the fro-yo place in WF...so good! We loved it.

Went to the Biltmore, definitely worth the trip.

I wish we'd gone to the Outerbanks. :-( Oh wellll.

I've eaten at Char-Grill and Snoopy's. Both are yummy. :-)

I love the Indian food cart in Durham (really it's a bus, but whatever). Try it!

And go to 9th Street in Durham. They have some cute shops. There's a soda shop that I love there.

Jason and Robin said...

We loved Asheville. There are some great places to eat and window shop in addition to the beautiful area and Biltmore.
Not sure what you've already done in the Triangle, but Bulls games are fun and the museums are great, especially the Art Museum (where we shall be tomorrow night on our Valentine date :))

Ginny Alley McCullough said...

What is your moving date? We are going to Biltmore in the spring, perhaps we could go together?

Bo said...

Bojangles, eastern NC barbecue and hushpuppies, and sweet tea ... These are the thing I hear people crave the most. Also make sure whether chik fil a is there or not

Lauren V. said...

Thanks for all the GREAT suggestions for my "Catch ya later, Carolina" list!! Seriously - good stuff. However, I did have to laugh out loud at a couple of the suggestions, only because it was obvious they came from people I don't know in real life! Me, drink sweet tea? YUCK. Never. I may be from Florida but I am NOT a Southern girl! Other suggestions were obviously tailor made - food is my love language :) I should go ahead and add in one more thing we've talked about but have yet to do - ride the Megabus to Washington, D.C.

If you think of anything else - keep 'em coming! I did accomplish one last night - fro-yo at Sweet Spoons! It was delish :)

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