Of shopping and scarves

Yesterday A and I went shopping together.

That may be a bit of an overstatement, since we actually just went to the mall together and then parted ways. He sat in Barnes & Noble and read and tried to use a B&N Groupon I bought him for V-Day. I went down to Express to try and use a gift card my Mom had sent me for $15 off a purchase. Alas, we are B-R-O-K-E right now, so I mostly wandered around the store looking at all the beautiful things I would buy if we had $15 cash to spend, in addition to my $15 off coupon. They had a GREAT clearance sale going on, but I wasn't able to use the gift card on those items :( Sad day.

When I was giving up hope and about to buy a solid-colored t-shirt for $5 out-of-pocket, I saw they had some great scarves that were marked 30 percent off. Score! I chose a lovely, shimmery, silver tube of fabric they called an infinity scarf. After getting overcharged by the computer, walking out confused and afraid to say anything and then returning with A for moral support on getting the right price - I was the proud new owner of a silver infinity scarf. It was pretty, and I could get it for cheap, so that was about the extent of my thoughts on my new infinity scarf.

Today, I decided to see what kinds of tutorials are out there on how to wear this thing. It's a bit of a novelty for me, so like any humble wanna-be-fashionista, I began browsing fashion blogs for instructions on the multitude of ways to wear an infinite scarf. My impression? It's like any other scarf, except that the ends are sewn together. What I found? This scarf is apparently the answer to the earth-shattering issue of ends. While I see this as a bit of a fun adventure (much like my bendy snake necklace) on how to tie it and wear it, most of the blog world sees it as the answer to the burning question of, "What do I do with my ends?"

"The beauty of the infinity or circle scarf is that you don't have to mess with the ends (something that always secretly drives me a little nuts with traditional scarves.)" 

"One of my biggest complaints in regards to the scarf is that it has ends. Do I tuck them into my coat? How do I make them stay around my neck when the wind keeps blowing them behind me? Do I tie the ends if I don’t want to fold it in half and stick the ends through the middle? As much as I love scarves, they can be quite frustrating."

Seriously? Are the ends of a scarf that big of a deal that a plethora of blog posts have been written about how the infinity scarf is the answer to this problem? Is this really a huge fashion hassle? Silly me - I always figured I'd either secure the ends by putting a coat on second, or let the little boogers fly (figuratively, obviously. Real flying boogers would be really gross).

I recognize I'm not a fashion guru. My style is last year's markdowns, so I am obviously open to criticism on my sense of style, so you tell me: Are the ends of your scarves that frustrating to you? Would you spend $30 or more (the going rate for most of the scarves) on an infinity scarf, just to avoid dealing with that dire question of what to do with your ends? I know I poke fun, but I really am curious!



Michelle said...

Personally I like the ends of scarves. But I'm even less of a fashionista than you are. Ask Kristel! =)

Anonymous said...

I love Michelle's comment.
Personally, I never found the ends of scarves to be such a pain. I always wear a cardiagn, button one of the buttons midways down and stuff the ends in there. No big deal.
BUT I have always wanted an infinity scarf! I think they're adorable but I'm so frugal I could never justify purchasing one...especially when I have so many scarves already.

Anonymous said...

That's what their called! I just cut up an old dress and made it into a cute top and... an infinity scarf. It's just long enough for one loop but it so cute!

Lauren V. said...

Haha, Michelle, who likes the ends in particular, either? That's funny :) Thanks to our resident fashionista, Kristel, for putting in her two cents!

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